Saturday, January 2, 2010


Good morning! This is my very first attempt at blogging and I appreciate your patience:) I'm normally an overly-private person, but the world of social networking via the internet has somewhat helped me to break out of my shell (as long as I'm behind my computer anyway--ha!).

This blog serves a few purposes for me; one being yet another opportunity to come out of my comfort zone and be a little more outgoing. I find this much easier to do through writing than through speaking or other actions. Which leads me to the second purpose of this blog--a platform for writing. I love to write and have been looking for ways to get back into doing it, and I think this is the perfect avenue for that! Now the difficult part (as always) will be to figure out what to write about!

Lastly, this blog is an assignment for Perfect Body Online. I have been training with Cathy Savage Fitness ( for going on four years now. For those of you who know me, CSF is the coaching staff that I work with to prepare for competitions. As of January 1, 2010, I've upped the ante with this in terms of nurturing that "hobby" a little more. My hope is that it can be more than a hobby someday (although if you ask my husband, I think he would agree that the word "hobby" is already entirely inadequate to describe this part of my life), but what that means at this point, I'm not quite sure. There are so many opportunities, which is the beauty of this sport!

So, welcome to my site and thank you for your interest in my life! I have to say, it seems a bit "normal" from my perspective, so I hope you aren't too bored:) I'd love to hear from all of you as well, so please contact me!

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