Monday, June 28, 2010

Finding Fitness in Unusual Places

I was stuck on the treadmill for years. Literally. I thought the only way to lift my booty and lean out my legs was to power walk on high incline for 45-60 minutes. Can you see the hamster on the wheel in yoga pants and an iPod? I did this same cardio day in and day out for years, convinced it was the only answer to my "problem areas." It did not matter that I wasn't seeing the results I was looking for, you could always find me there during my gym time, trudging up the only hill in this town--the makeshift one I created in the cardio room!

Since training with Cathy Savage fitness, I've had to let go of the control and embrace a different style--muscle confusion. This is based on the principle that muscles respond to regular change in the mode, frequency, intensity, and time of exercise. Let me tell you it rarely includes a treadmill, but it works! This new way of training, combined with less time to spend in the gym as I get older and busier has led me to search for fitness in places I thought I'd never find it!

For example, last weekend I put a yoga mat out on the dock at the lake and did sun salutations and stretching while my husband fished. The next morning, I ran sprints on the nearby bike trail (no cardio machines necessary). Next lake weekend, I plan to take my functional training to the monkey bars for some eccentric pull-ups; and tonight, I'm about to put a Skinceuticals facial mud mask on and park myself in front of Khloe & Kourtney Take Miami re-runs while practicing the splits.

I'm living proof that a slave to the treadmill found fitness freedom (and results) in the most unliklely places. So ladies, next workout, step away from the cardio machine and get in touch with your creative side--you might just discover it's where your results have been hiding.

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