Thursday, February 3, 2011

Meet Haute Woman Karen M.

From Amy...
I have known Karen almost my entire life. When she and I started working together on her nutrition and training, I really thought we had a tough road ahead. Karen had been naturally thin for most of her life and was admittedly not an exerciser. These two factors made for what most people would find a very intimidating learning curve toward health and fitness. I feared that we had many speed bumps ahead.
Well, Karen proved me wrong almost immediately. She dove right in head first and didn't look back. She willingly did everything that I asked of her both with her diet and with her training (not to say that I didn't get the occasional skeptical look when I asked her to climb on a few machines at the gym or jump like a frog across the studio floor). She asked questions with the intent to learn, but never challenged or questioned her plan. She had faith in the process and ultimately changed her body, her lifestyle, and her self-confidence!
My proudest moment came not when she reached her initial goal of 20-pound weight loss (nor when she decided to go for more and got even closer to 30-pound loss), but it was a day that we'd spend weeks in the gym working toward--the day she cranked out 3 sets of 10 regular pushups! I know women 1/3 her age (which is 61 years young, by the way) that can't come close to that. I couldn't believe how far she'd progressed in such a short time, all because of dedication, hard work, and perserverance. 
Karen (before)

I am happy to introduce you to Karen and to let you read what she has to say:
1.) What events in your life lead you to seek out personal training with Amy?

I was putting on more and more weight and I didn’t feel healthy nor did I have a lot of energy. As I am getting older and having watched my mother put on a lot of weight as she got older I knew I had to do something but I wasn’t sure how to go about it and be successful. I heard from Amy’s mother that she was doing nutrition and weight training and I knew that was a sign-CALL AMY. I have known Amy since she was a “youngster” and I felt if anyone could get me going she could.

2.) What were your biggest fears when you got started with your training and nutrition?

The biggest fear I had when I started my new “lifestyle” was of course failure. At my age (61) I had never been one that watched what I ate nor was I an exercise person so I was afraid I just couldn’t do it! What if I didn’t like the food?!!!!! What if I couldn’t change?!!!!! But I was determined not to disappoint not only myself but Amy knowing she wanted me to succeed and she was willing to work with me from my concerns and sharing my joyful successes!

3.) What were the biggest challenges that you overcame in the process of meeting your goals?

The biggest challenges that I overcame was going out with friends and still staying true to my nutrition goals. For me I knew that if I didn’t give it my all I would probably fail. It had to be all or nothing for me and so I went for it all. I still went out but made choices that fit my program. I bought all the food (no matter the cost) that I needed and stuck to it. My best friend is so awesome that when we go out she will share a lunch/dinner with me so it is no big deal to go out! I did drink a lot of coke-regular before but since I started drinking water I really miss the water if I am not drinking enough. As I said for me it had to be all or nothing so I don’t drink any kind of soft drink just waters. It has been almost six months and I took a sip of a coke and it was DISGUSTING so I think I can say I cured the desire for coke!!!!


4.) How has proper nutrition and exercise changed your life (please include the goals you achieved in this paragraph)?
                                                                                                                            (And after....)
I no longer have times when I am STARVING just by following my nutrition program. At first it seemed like all I did was eat and when you have people in and out of your office it can sometimes be tricky but I quickly fell into the routine and if anyone made a joke about me eating I just told them I am in the process of making a new lifestyle change. People really laughed when they would come into my office and see a gallon jug of water on my desk and found out I drank right from the gallon jug!! As I was not a water drinker I needed to know if I was drinking enough and until I got used to that much water it was the easiest way for me to monitor it. Now of course I usually bring a couple of bottles and then fill them up; your body tells you if you are short on fluids! The exercise portion was a little difficult at first because the only exercise I had done was walking about half an hour every couple of months or may years!!! I am still working on my exercises; Amy always if very encouraging and keeps me motivated. She is ALWAYS telling me I can do one more or two more just push push push and I have to say she is right!!                        

5.) Was there anything that you achieved or gained along the way that you didn't expect?

I believe that by setting my mind and LISTENING to Amy with total belief that I have been successful at the weight loss and the strength that I have gained. I was looking for an angel to help me and I found one in Amy!!!!

7.) What is the best compliment you've received since you've started training?

How great I look and much YOUNGER I look since I have lost the weight and toned up and at my age I soak it all up!!!!

8.) What is your plan to maintain your results?

My plan is that I will continue to follow my new lifestyle eating program from now on. My husband decided that after watching me this would be a good time for him to change too. He has a lot of physical issues going on but he is changing his eating lifestyle too and so together we are on our way to a healthier way of life. Of course I know that no matter what Amy is always there for me to offer help and support and that means the world to me knowing that she really cares and wants me to continue to be successful!

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