Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What Do You Give Up To Stay in Shape?

If you're that girl who has it all---then basically you're lying (lol). Okay, okay, maybe there's a hint of jealousy there, but seriously, staying fit is just one more thing to throw into the mix of the constant struggle for balance in life. To quote the omnipotent Oprah (love her!), "you can have it all, just not all at the same time." So really, what does this mean for leading a fit lifestyle? How do you juggle that ball with all of the others? The answer: prioritize.

We've all either heard or said "I don't have time to workout"---okay,um, who does? Well, maybe some of our favorite Real Houswives who have live-in nannies, cleaning service, and their own personal "Big Poppa", but the rest of us, we make time to exercise. For me, this means putting it on my schedule and choosing to hit the gym over choosing to do something else--in other words, I make it my priority. See where I'm going with this?

It's definitely a give and take. So what takes the back burner you're asking? My dirty secret is the sacrifice of a clean house. Most days, it looks like it was hit by a tornado. I hardly ever entertain because it takes me a week to get our place in good enough shape to let anyone in the entryway! But, these are luxuries I can live without. If I have to make a choice about which to keep clean, it's my arteries over my closet!

I wanna know--what do you sacrifice to keep health and fitness a priority? Have you found a perfect balance, and if you have, by all means give that cleaning lady my number!

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  1. Wow! This is so true and I love it!!! I love that line...."I don't have time to workout" ha, but then they sit in front of the TV for a couple hours. Maybe get up at 5am and get it done!!!! I give up sleeping in to stay in shape. Some morning when my alarm is going off at 5 or 6am. I would do anything just to sleep in although, I love how I feel when I have completed my workout. I have so much more energy and I get more accomplished throughout the day.

  2. Great post! I give up a clean house as well. I would also add that I give up interesting food. I eat boring food that doesn't take any prep time. And sometimes sleep.

  3. Hey Amy! It's Lisa! Just found your blog - had no idea you had one! :)

    I was also one of those people who spent years saying I did not have time to work out. Now I stay motivated by training for races (currently training for the Portland Marathon on 10/10/10).

    Like you, my house is not spotless. I try to keep it somewhat non-tornado-esq, but it's an uphill battle. So that kind of slides down the priority list. I say no to a lot of happy hours and get togethers during the week so i can get my runs in.

    But the sacrafices are worth it in the long run - even if it does mean I sometimes feel like an anti-social hermit. ;)

    Hope your summer is going well so far!!