Monday, September 13, 2010

Get out There and Do Some Good!!!

This weekend I took advantage of some local opportunities to raise awareness and money for two very worthy causes. On Saturday morning, I joined my mom and sister in the Memory Walk, which involved a 2-mile walk and monetary donation that will be used to increase advocacy and fund research for the treatment and prevention of Alzheimers Disease. Not only did this event motivate me to get out of bed and get some exercise on a Saturday morning, but it also fed my spirit to be able to participate in an event of such importance. My grandpa suffers from Alzheimers and with a record setting turnout at the Memory Walk, it became even more apparent how devastating this disease is to so many individuals and their families.

The Tour de Forks was on Sunday. On a last-minute whim, the Haute Physique girls rallied to get a team together (as seen in the picture above) to participate in the event which consisted of a choice between a walk/run or bike ride. Like the Memory Walk, the participants in Tour de Forks were of all ages and fitness levels who came together to raise money for the Breast Cancer Coalition. Not only did we enjoy a beautiful day outdoors, we also got a great workout and again contributed dollars to an organization geared toward helping those in need.

These events were a great example of parents teaching their children lessons in being charitable and helping others. These activities also served as opportunites for families to be active together through participation in the races [notice haute baby, Thomas (going incognito above,  with mommy Sarah), gearing up for his first 5k]. From the very young to the very old, there were people of all ages out there making an effort. With President Obama recently proclaiming September as National Childhood Obesity Awareness month, these types of activities are a great way to get your kids involved and to get them moving, while learning to give back at the same time!

Tell us about a similar experience you've recently participated in!

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